Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Last night was the first (for me) TNR, Tuesday Night Ride.  Not having put in any real "hard" efforts over the past several months I wasn't too sure how I would handle the hot pace that TNR is known for.  But because it still is early in the season the pace was a bit more subdued and the daylight dictated the amount of time we had to ride.  I never got a full count but guessing there was about 8-9 of us.  It was one of those groups that everything just clicked.

We headed out to SJU via 7 Wonders to Fruit Farm Road, to Tower Hill and back.  About 46 miles just shy of 20 mph average.  I was happy with my legs and lungs.  We have some strong dudes around here!  Fun stuff.

Working at noon today so snagging a 2-3 hour ride this morning.  Thursday is still up in the air.  Work and family stuff.  Really digging this nicer weather!

Ride On.

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