Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Wow!  The weather for TNR couldn't have been much more perfect.  Well the wind could have been down a notch or two but then again the wicked tail wind on the way home was pretty rewarding as well.  One of my favorite routes is riding south around Lake Sylvia and back.  With the limited sunlight this would be a stretch but we opted to give it a whirl.  Once on county road 7 we formed a pace line to battle the wind and maintain speed.  Alternating between a headwind and crosswind the group got shattered some.  By the end of 7 we were a group of 8...down from 12.
The road around Lake Sylvia is riddled with punchy climbs and yep, full gas fun!  Making the turn for home some quick math was done and we would really have to buckle down to beat the sunset.  Similar to Lake Sylvia are the Clearwater Narrows.  We hammered that section pretty good as well.  To avoid 7 on the way back we opted a tad longer route.  Not being one to turn down hills the group pushed up and over Hurle as well...this put us getting back in the dark.  County Road 136 was pretty much a TT.

Just under 3 hours, 63 miles with a 21.3 mph average.  A solid (and fun) TNR!

I work at noon and the weather is great!  Time to nab a recovery ride.


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