Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Typical...I wasn't super excited to jump into the TNR.  I was tired, it wasn't as nice out as I hoped, and going home sounded real good.  But I knew if I didn't go the guilt of not would tear me apart!  As always it was a great time and I am super glad I went.
Despite the wind being out of the N/NW we made our way to St. Joseph and the 4 Whores.  It was here that my legs and body finally warmed up.  Endurance leg issues!  On the road into to Rockville there was an exposed culvert we had to navigate around.  I was first and took the opportunity to put in an attack.  I knew there was a stop ahead sign at the roads end but I forgot how long the road was.  I'm still using my CX bike so I ran out of gears with my 46/12...can't wait for my road bike!!  Even with a road bike I would have been caught.  Fast dudes.
Next it was the Alp.  Despite feeling like a sausage in my kits I do ok on the hills, usually behind the front few.  The effort on the back side was harder than going up.  Again I ran out of gears...and power.  We meandered around out to Richmond before making our way back to St. Joseph and home.

Stats: 20.7 mph, 54.4 mph, and my first KOM on Strava, ha!

Easy spin this morning and off to work.


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