Friday, May 29, 2015

Giddy Up.

Whoa!  Three days in a row of riding!  No major, "all day" rides, but rides nonetheless.  TNR, then 2.5 hours on the road bike Wednesday morning, and 2 hrs 15 minutes on the mountain bike yesterday.  Man I'm loving the mountain bike right now.

With the back half of the North Loop too wet to ride I decided to hit up Plum Creek.  A crew of workers got it ready Wednesday night, and boy did they do a great job!  Can't believe how dry it is.  This is the best I've seen Plum Creek!

Heading down to Marshall this weekend for some family stuff.  Thought about doing the Mankato MTB race on Sunday but the logistics got to be too much.  Instead I think I may try to bike home, all or part of the way, on Sunday.

Happy Weekend.

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