Thursday, May 14, 2015

More of the Same.

So far this week seems to mimic last week: more gym days than days on the bike.  Once again it comes down to weather and work, but just telling myself it doesn't matter makes all the difference!  I did get out for the maiden voyage on the Seven Axiom SL yesterday!  Man what a great ride.  Can't wait to put some serious miles on it.
Last night at work we had an after hours "build party".  We managed to get almost 30 bikes built!  But now I'm dragging.  Today is one of my "off" days...a 9-12 shift.  Rain is in the forecast again so not sure what will happen.
Gym Day!


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Greg Prosmushkin said...

Hope you stay motivated! Keep up the good work! The results are always worth the pain!