Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Slowly Getting Back.

Well that was a little break from blogging!  As previously (over mentioned) I haven't been getting too much riding in, therefore, not much to talk about.
I have started to get "some" more riding in.  Saturday, before a weekend of rain, I hit up the North Loop on the single speed.  It was my first time on the mountain bike this year.  Dang, that was fun.  Too bad the trails are now closed due to standing water!

I've missed the past 3 TNR.  I almost skipped yesterday too.  I actually left work and picked up the kids.  But once at home I realized, even though it was overcast, it was actually a really nice day.  With some encouragement from Jen I got my gear together and headed back to work.  So, so glad I did.  It was the best TNR yet.  Great route, great people (11 of us), and great weather.  I was stoked on how I felt.  I assumed I would struggle to keep up having only ridden a handful of times but manged to stay with the group and even put in some solid efforts.  Maybe I don't need to ride as much as I think (or want) to ride!


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