Tuesday, June 09, 2015

First Century on the Seven.

With today being Brinna's Birthday I'm opting out of the TNR.  Instead we are heading down to Valley Fair.  Hoping I don't freak out in the heat!  Because I'm missing TNR I headed out yesterday for my own suffer fest.
I essentially took the MRT (Mississippi River Trail) to Little Falls.  Just before Little Falls I took a left towards Swanville.  I then made my way to Holdingford where I stopped to refuel.  This was my first ride in the heat.  When it's hot I don't eat much, also when I'm pushing it.  I only had a get and 6 Powerbar Gel Blast Chew things.  Lots of fluids!
From Holdingford I took the rollers on River Street and headed in.
Managed 100 miles at a 20mph average.  Every ride I'm liking my Seven more and more.  Such a great bike!

The heat got to me a bit.  I felt pretty "funky" for a bit after my ride.  Nonetheless I had to mow too.  Despite pounding the fluids I'm still behind.  Nothing like a day in the sun at Valley Fair to get re hydrated!
Too bad Dirty Benjamin is this weekend.  Not the best timing on my part but when the time is there I have to go for it.  Heading out now for my recover loop (County Road 8, 25 miles).


PS: the Summer Solstice Century will be June 23rd.  Leaving the shop at 4:30 sharp.  More info later but know this is a 20-22 mph average ride.  As they say...Racing the Sun.

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