Monday, June 22, 2015

June is for Centuries.

The first half of yesterday was about as perfect as Minnesota weather gets.  Sunny, no wind, and not too hot or humid.  I was out on the bike before 6.  I didn't have a route in mind but it went something like this: STC, Sartell, Rice, North Prairie, Upsala, Swanville, Grey Eagle, St. Rosa, Freeport, Wobegon Trail, Albany, off the trail, Avon, SJU, St. Joe, Home.  Too bad Swanville/Grey Eagle are so far out, it's some of the best biking around.  Love it out there.
Ended with 111 miles and a 20.3 average.  I felt great on the bike.  Bummed it's storming this morning, I was looking forward to an easy recovery ride.

At the last minute we headed up to Jen's folk's cabin, about an hour north.  Not a bad Fathers Day at all.

On to Monday.

Summer Solstice is tomorrow.  Leaving at 4:30 from the shop.

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