Tuesday, June 16, 2015

WSDB and Duluth.

Not a bad past few days!

Saturday was the West Side Dirty Benjamin.  About 10 minutes to registration and is started to rain.  It would continue to rain for the first couple hours of the race.  Nothing hard but enough to get you coated in gravel.  Being a fairly flat course it's hard to break the field up.  Several efforts were put in but for the most part the lead group stayed around 20 or so riders till the checkpoint at mile 60.

I never felt great.  My legs never came around like they usually do.  Maybe too much riding and sweating at Valleyfair or maybe just not in shape.  After the checkpoint the group was down to about 10 and I was with them.  We killed it on the Luce Line trail putting the hurt on me!  Around mile 88 I did a little flyer that stuck for 5 miles or so.  That effort really hurt me.  Once the group caught me I struggled to stay with them.  Slowly they pulled away and I rode the rest of the way in solo.  Managed to get 10th so that's great.  Of course I have the would've, should've, and could've thoughts but overall I'm happy.

Yesterday morning 6 of us headed up to Duluth at 5:30 for a day of mountain biking.  We started on the east end at Lester Park.  We made our way all the way over to Spirit Mountain before heading back.  A bit over 7 hours on the bike!  It was my 2nd ride on the Salsa Spearfish...man do I love that bike.  Despite being pretty rocky my back never hurt...which is a big deal for me.  Love it!  The trails in Duluth are amazing and more are coming.  I can't wait for them to finish the Traverse Trail.
Bad part is I didn't get home till after 11.  So far I feel pretty good but guessing I may be dragging a bit at work.
TNR is a no go for me.  I'd love to but I haven't seen the kids, besides sleeping, for a bit now.  Time to give the legs a rest.

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