Friday, June 12, 2015

WSDB and Summer Solstice.

Well ready or not the West Side Dirty Benjamin is tomorrow.  I've switched from racing the single speed to gears.  Mostly because I don't have time to get the single speed back together but also due to fitness and lack of time on a single speed.  The weather looks to be about perfect so I'm pretty stoked I get to do it.  Should be a great time with great friends.

I'm happy with the week of riding I was able to put together.   A hard century on Monday, recovery spin (30 miles) on Tuesday followed by a day at Valleyfair, off Wednesday, 40+ on Thursday, and about an hour+ spin today.  Originally I wanted to take the gravel bike on a 3 hour spin today but thinking that may bite me in the end.

Mark you calendars.
Summer Solstice Century...June 23rd (Tuesday)...TNR.

  • Leave the shop (Revolution Cycle and Ski) at 4:30...plan ahead.
  • Fast 100, 20-22 mph.  We try not to drop anyone but as the daylight fades we may have to leave you to the wolves, er coyotes.
  • Unless you're Jimmy bring 2-3 bottles and food.  We will stop around 50-60 miles to refuel.
  • Bring a rear flasher.  We are racing the sun but it always seems we end in the dark due to flats and the refueling stop.
  • More info as it comes.  Looking into a post ride feed of sorts.

Happy Weekend!

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