Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day Two.

Well plans are made and plans change.  When it comes to biking I'm not good with the changes but I'm working on it!  Day 2 of having a sick kid (Harper).  Luckily both days were planned days off from work.  The plan was to put in some serious fat bike time, with today being a century.  Just not to be.  Truthfully I'm ok with that.  A bit bummed but the weather would have made it pretty tough.  Plus hanging out with a snuggly kid isn't all bad!

So instead of a "big" week I'm turning it into a rest/recovery week.  Which has been needed.  Between putting in a long ride or two per week and racing cyclo cross on the weekends my body (legs) need some recovery time.  So yep it's on next month!

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