Tuesday, October 27, 2015

OK...Break Over.

Well I guess a 4 month hiatus is long enough.  I just fell out of the routine of updating and into a routine of sleeping in over the summer.  If I wasn't sleeping in (which is 6:30-7) I was riding, riding a lot!  Lots has happened over the past 4 months but I'll start from now...moving forward.  I will say I've been fortunate this summer to ride a lot which has left me in some (if not "the") best riding shape I've ever been in.  It's been real fun.  Now if I can just carry this fitness forward to the Tuscobia 150 and Arrowhead 135!

After I stopped blogging I kind of felt it was done.  But I do like it and I've received several messages from folks giving me shit for not blogging and how I wrecked their morning ritual, etc.!

So I guess I'm back.


the schad family said...

All is right in the world again!

John said...

whew! now I feel better!

Christopher Tassava said...

I dunno, man. "I'm back," but no details on all your wins and podium finishes? I'll believe it when I see an illustrated 2,000 word account of each summer race!