Monday, November 16, 2015

60's and Skis.

Despite the weather this past weekend ski season started at the shop.  Saturday we had our Nordic Team Day and a swap in Brainerd.  Sunday we had another swap in town.  Lots of ski stuff.  Saturday I took off from riding as I was on the way up to Brainerd early.  Sunday the swap wasn't till noon so I got up early and grabbed a 3 hour road ride.  It was one of those days I really wished I could have extended the ride.  It was so nice!  Since doing these ski swaps for many years I think yesterday was the first time I wore shorts to one.  It appears the weather is changing this week.  I'm ready...not for the rain however.
Because of the rain I'm up early to sneak a mtb ride in before the day starts.  There may be a basement roller session this week as well!

Last week:

Monday: 1.5 hour mtb ride
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 3.5 hour road ride
Thursday: 7 hour fat bike (gravel) ride
Friday: 1 hour mtb ride
Saturday: off
Sunday: 3 hour road ride

Total: 16 hours.

On to this week...

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