Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Early AM.

Getting up early ( 4 am alarm) isn't always easy, ok never, but when I do for a ride I'm always happy I did.  Nothing like finishing up a ride while the rest of the town is flipping their feet over the side of the bed.  Yesterday I met Mike near Plum Creek for a morning MTB ride.  We hit up the upper trails of the River Bluffs, some river trail exploring, and then Plum Creek proper itself.  Both of us commented on wanting more but waking kids up and getting kids ready for the day needed to be done.  Nonetheless I got an hour and 45 minutes in.  Great way to start the day!  I was expecting the "crash and burn"  mid afternoon but it really never came.  I powered through with the help of coffee and multiple stone tunes at the shop (Nordic time at the shop).  I can't do this everyday however, otherwise I'd be a bear to be around.  Night ride tonight.


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