Saturday, November 07, 2015

Fat Bike Century.

Somewhat begrudgingly I threw my leg over the fat bike yesterday morning and headed our for a ride.  The previous week I took off from riding, while this week I've ridden everyday so far...leaving my legs a bit tired and the stiff NW wind wasn't too enticing either. But at the same time I was pretty stoked too.  Fat Bike exploring is my favorite!

The plan was to head north to the Soo Line trail but on the way I remembered they close the trail during hunting season.  Thus I planned on as many gravel roads I could hit.  On the way north I zigged and zagged quite a bit.  Once in Morrison County I hit several Minimum Maintenance roads.  They have some fun roads up there.  Lots of sand too, making the fat bike ideal.

Maybe it was the week of riding combined with me watching what I eat or the constant battle into the wind but I was hungry essentially the entire ride.  I thought I had brought enough food but I stopped off in Buchman to get some more food (just in case).  Good thing cause I ate it!

I finished with about 7 hours and 100 miles.  That was kind of the goal (100 miles) but was playing it by ear.  I haven't felt that exhausted after a ride in a very long time.  Very reminiscent of my last years performance at Tuscobia.  Today is an off day!
Wonder how much food I should bring to work today?!


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