Monday, November 02, 2015

Go Time.

Rest, recovery, time off, whatever you call are all good.  It's just hard when it wasn't planned.  Last Monday I got an easy 1.5 hour mtb ride in to spin the legs from the weekend of riding/racing.  That was to set me up for a few big days of riding.  But toss in a sick kid staying home from school and lots of rain and plans were changed.  I ended up taking the rest of the week off...6 days.  We did do yard work all day on Saturday so that has some muscles tweaked a bit!
Today I get back it, both riding and diet.  No need to add on a few pounds for winter!  Taking the Surly Cross Check Single Speed out tonight.  Yesterday I just put on some Bruce Gordon Rock and Road Tires.  They are some beefy tires but seem to roll well.  Excited to give them a whirl.


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