Tuesday, November 24, 2015


It usually takes a day or two, after a big ride, for my hunger to set in.  I'm hoping that is what yesterday was!  Man, I couldn't eat enough...and of course, since I didn't ride, I feel guilty about it, ha!
Back on the saddle tonight.  I can't get enough time on my fat bike (Salsa Beargrease), loving this bike!  Guessing I'll hit up more of the Dirt Bag course.  This time of year many of my riding buddies take time off the bike so it's been a lot of solo rides.  While I prefer to ride solo, every once in awhile some company would be nice (ahem...Matt and Charlie).  More so for the motivation to get out the door or maybe push it up that hill a bit harder.  But in the end I do like solo riding.


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