Friday, November 20, 2015

Into the Wind.

While dropping Harper off at school the weather was toying with me spitting flakes of snow every so often.  By the time I dropped Brinna off it was white out conditions!  I had no idea it was suppose to snow!  Back home I poured another cup of coffee in hopes the visibility would improve.  I was out on the fat bike 15 minutes later.  All the snow piled up to squat!  Just enough to make the roads slippery in town.

With a crazy west wind I planned to head south a bit down County Road 7 to Delwood (gravel) and start the battle westward.  As I turned west I knew plans had to change.  Pedaling 3+ hours straight into the wind was not a recipe for fun or my sanity!  I decided to ride the Dirt Bag I course backwards.  This turned out to be perfect.  It tossed in a good mix of cross, tail, and head winds.  I don't know how windy it did get but that was some brutal stuff.  I definitely made use of the the cassette's full range!

The past three weeks now I've done a 7 hour fat bike ride.  Each of those times it was pretty windy.  Windy enough I'd have skipped riding in the past or hit the woods on the mtb.  But I've come to the conclusion (for myself) that it's not that bad.  If I flip my Garmin to the map and ride for time, not distance or speed, it's all good.  Training...right?!

Ended with 7.5 hours and a tad over 100 miles.  Not sure where it came from, but 7 hours has been the goal as of late.
Working at noon today so heading out this morning.  Still not sure if it will be the single speed Cross Check or the fat bike.  Leaning single.
It's looking like I may get a couple more days in yet this week, making it a pretty solid week.  I'll cut it down some next week.

Happy Weekend.

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