Friday, November 13, 2015


Wednesday's are my noon-8 days at the shop.  This time of year that means I get a ride in during day light!  With the temps still mild, for this time of year, I decided to steal another road bike ride.  As the temps drop I tend to lean towards the single speed Cross Check or the fat bike.  With the wind out of the NE I was able to hit up some road I haven't been on in some time.  A good ride.  3.5 hours.

Yesterday I was off from work, as the rest of the week we have our Nordic Team Day at the shop and two ski swaps...busy!  I was bummed it was so windy and really thought about hitting up the mtb trails.  But I wanted a longer day and getting more than 3 hours on the trails is a mental feet more than physical.  So I dug out my windstopper headband to help cut out the wind noise and headed N/NW up the River Road towards Rice.  Almost immediately I flipped the Garmin screen to not see the mph.  20+ mph winds and a fat bike aren't a good recipe for speed!

While it was windy and at times sucked it really didn't suck!  Once I was out in the elements it seemed normal.  Later in the day when I was filling the car up with gas I found it funny I would no way go ride in this crap weather!
From Rice I crossed the Mississippi and up to North Prairie.  There I jumped on gravel.  I was essentially on gravel to Bowlus, Flensberg, and Swanville.  At Swanville I made the glorious turn towards home...tail wind!

Someday I need to drive out to Swanville and start a ride from there.  The gravel roads were amazingly fun. Twisty, tight, canopied by trees, and fast.  
It took me 4 hours to get out to Swanville and 3 hours to get home!
7 hours 104 miles.

Last week a similar ride, in similar conditions left me whipped.  Yesterday I was wishing I had more time and the legs feel great this morning.  Funny how that works.

Because of ski swap stuff this afternoon I'm up early to hit the North Loop up by 5...home by 6:30.
Saturday I'm up early to head back up to Brainerd for a ski swap and then back to the shop for Team Day.  Sunday there is a swap in town but hoping to nab a ride prior.  Go with the flow Ben...go with the flow!

Happy Weekend.

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