Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Morning MTB.

As I stepped outside yesterday morning to go ride it was misting and the ground was wet.  I paused for a bit wondering if I should ride.  Screw it...I'm dressed I'm going.  So glad I did.  I first hit up Sand Prairie.  This is best ridden in the dark and on a full suspension.  I actually had a blast here.  During day light you see how open it really is.  But in the dark it's transformed into ribbons of treed single track!
Then it was back up the hill to the North Loop for a lap.
Back home with 1.5 hours in and still dark.  Great way to start the day.  I did start to drag around 6 pm!

Not sure about today.  I may take it off as I have plans (in my head) for rides the rest of the week.  I also may hit the rollers up for a bit tonight as the family will be gone getting haircuts.  A big deal for girls.


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