Monday, November 09, 2015

Not a Bad Week Back.

Last week was my first week back riding after a week off.  I managed to pull off a pretty solid week.

Monday: 2.5 hour mtb ride
Tuesday: 1.5 MTB ride
Wednesday: 3 hour road ride
Thursday: 3 hour road ride
Friday: 7 hour fat bike ride (gravel)
Saturday: off
Sunday: 4 hour hour road ride
Total: 21 hours.

I want to complain that the weather is too warm for this time of year but it's pretty hard to when it is so much easier to ride!  Yesterday I left at sun up to hopefully avoid some of the predicted wind.  But half way down county road 8 it was on.  With clear skies and rising temps I didn't mind the wind.  It felt really good to be out riding.

Back home we did Sunday (weekend) stuff.  Mowed the lawn one last time, laundry, some football, grocery store, and dinner at my folks.  A pretty awesome day.

This coming week will be harder to nab as much riding.  Nordic skiing starts up full force at the shop with our Team Day on Saturday and two swaps to attend.  I'll manage!

Up early today to meet Mike at Plum Creek by 5:30.  Night Mountain Bike in the morning!


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