Thursday, November 19, 2015

Once Again....Wind.

As I dropped Harper off at school yesterday the sun was making an effort to come out.  The sun on a ride!  But it wasn't to last.  About half way down county road 8 the rain/mist started, as did the southern wind.  I jumped on sections of the Dirt Bag course.  The Bruce Gordon Rock n' Road tires (700x43) were perfect.  I was really impressed with how they rolled both on pavement and gravel.  Better yet the width gave me enough float on the mushy, wet gravel.  Rolling on the single speed into the wind on mushy gravel I wasn't setting any Strava records, but time in the saddle is the goal this time of year.
I had a rear clip on fender but a full coverage fenders would have been nice.  I was just too lazy to put them on, not sure they will fit, and I prefer the bike without...till I want them!  Ended with 3.5 hours.

Today I plan on heading out on the fat bike.  As is the norm, on would think, it is WINDY...25-35 mph with gust up to 40.  This will by my 3rd long outing on the fat bike and the 3rd windiest day of that particular week...ugh.  As a friend told me, "we don't have hills, but we sure do have the wind".  That was many years ago, but every windy day I ride that runs through my head.
Saddle time.


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