Thursday, November 05, 2015

Onyx Road Hubs.

It's during this time of year when I really appreciate the 12-8 shift at the shop.  Normally I prefer the day shift (I guess I still do) but with daylight dwindling it's nice to get out in the morning.  Plus I'm a morning person so the motivation is high unlike the afternoon.  Yesterday was a 12-8 day.  After the kids were dropped off at school I was out rolling on the Seven Axiom SL a bit past 8.  Southern wind meant good 'ol county road 8.

I recently installed some Onyx hubs on this bike.  I have them on my Fat Bike (Salsa Beargrease) and love them.  I didn't think I'd appreciate the instant engagement the hubs have, boy was I wrong.  They are amazing!  Plus the ceramic bearings, low drag, and silence made this my new favorite wheel set!  Despite how much I ride I'm usually not one to notice changes like this.  But I noticed right away, it was like the first time using a mountain bike with front and rear thru axles.

It also felt good to get out on the road bike.  It's been a lot of mountain biking lately.  A bit over 3 hours then it was off to work.
Short day today at work.  Hope to get out but if it's raining hard I may pull myself to the basement for some roller action.  Riding is riding!



adp2525 said...

I was wondering if you have been able to log more miles on these hubs and how they have stood up over time? I'm thinking of using them for a set wheels for a bike that will be used mainly for dry climbing rides (Mosaic RT-1). I am thinking that the low drag and instantaneous engagement would be great for climbing but Onyx is relatively new to road so none of the shops in Portland have experience with them in terms of maintenance intensity or durability. Thanks!

Ben said...

Sorry for the delay but yes I love the hubs and they have held the test of time...still spin forever!
They are heavier than other hubs but the instant engagement and smoothness make up for the extra weight!

adp2525 said...

Thanks Ben! How often do you have to re-lube/do maintenance on yours?

Ben said...

Thus far nothing. The bearings are easily replaced if needed. Just standard wheel truing.