Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Plans Change.

Ha!  My ride didn't go as planned.  After a break from riding I tend to lack the motivation to get back on it, despite wanting to get back on it.  Add to the fact that most my riding has to happen at night (I'm a morning person) only exasperates my motivation suck.  I actually convinced myself to stay home, take a full 7 days off, and ride the rest of the week.  But it was just too nice not to ride.  So after dinners, dishes, and some family time I switched the lights from the Cross Check to the Salsa Spearfish and headed out to the trails.

I haven't been to Sand Prairie yet this year so I hit that up first.  I think this is the first time I've ever ridden there on a full suspension.  What a difference!  It's not the most fun riding but at night it's a different game and I like it.  Then it was off to the North Loop.  I was surprised how many more leaves were down from just a week ago but the corners were still pretty solid.  I got about 2 laps in before I met up with Chris for another lap.  I don't get to ride with Chris much so it was a pretty rad time.

Ended with 2.5 hours and sometime around 10:30...way past my bed time!!

Maybe more of the same today or maybe some gravel.
Another warm November day on tap.


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