Monday, November 30, 2015

Recap and Snow.

Monday: off
Tuesday: 3.5 hours (fat bike, gravel)
Wednesday: 2.5 hours (ss cross check, gravel)
Thursday: 6.5 hours (fat bike, gravel)
Friday: off
Saturday: 3.5 hours (fat bike)
Sunday: 3 hours (fat bike)

Total: 19 hours

More than I planned on but I felt good and it just worked out.  Yesterday I headed over to Quarry Park and did some exploring there.  I planned on heading over to Plum Creek after but took a detour to parts of the Northern Dirt Bag route then to Plum Creek.  It was fun to toss in some other stuff plus a handful of hills.

This week is up in the air.  Snow is predicted this afternoon into tomorrow, netting us 5-9".  While I love snow and am excited for it, the temperatures are suppose to rebound to the upper 30's later in the week, making the roads a mess.  Thus the studded tires and full fenders are going on the Cross Check today!  I tend to baby my fat bike in crappy conditions.  I may just have to suck it up and ride it anyway!

Happy Monday.

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