Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Skipping Rides.

Sometimes it just isn't to be.  I had dropped off the van to get an oil change and new tires yesterday.  They had to get the tires elsewhere and it took longer than expected.  By the time I got the van and picked up Harper and Avery it was already dark.  Once dinner was done it was pushing towards 7.  Not late but kids needed help with homework blah, blah, blah.  I decided to scrap the ride.  I wasn't feeling it anyway.  Of course I played the scenario over in my head hundreds of times.  Should I or shouldn't I...real problems I know!  This just means I have to battle the wind later in the week!

The wind and rain are to be coming tonight so this morning I'll take the road bike out for some miles.
I have tomorrow off so planning to ride.  Not too sure as to what yet.  Gusts up to 40 mph are predicted so that may dictate my plans some.  If we don't get too much rain it may be into the woods on the mountain bike.


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