Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wake Up.

Another early morning ride.  I know I'm getting older when I really don't have to set an alarm anymore.  I 'm usually up before the beep, beep, beep sets in.  So at 4:18 this morning I lay there wondering if I "really" want to ride.  I knew I did but the warmth of the bed sometimes has a powerful grip.  I managed to loosen the fingers of the blankets and bypass the purrs of Elsa (cat #1) and slog down stairs to start the coffee.

I am excited for this ride, as it's the coldest it's been in this year, 10 degrees...finally!  Shooting for 3 hours on the fat bike.  Then it's off to work for Small Business Saturday.  We have a great crew on today, I'm excited to head in.  Going to be a coffee day however!

Friday's ride ended with 6.5 hours.  The first 2+ hours I didn't see one single car, at all!  A nice benefit of riding early Thanksgiving morning.  Overall I felt pretty good on the ride.  I finally was able to break into the 15 mph average for a longer (100 miles) fat bike ride.  Not that an average dictates the quality of the ride it's just been interesting how hard it's been to get that average.  This time of year speed is very different than summer time.
Once home I was surprised to see Jen and the girls hadn't left yet.  So I quickly showered and packed and we headed to her folks house.  About two hours after I finished my ride we were at Jen's uncles house and I was famished!  A great Thanksgiving was had.  Good times once again.

Gotta ride...later.

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