Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Warm Temps and a Slow Start.

Technically it's still Fall but usually the weather, for this time of year, feels more like Winter...not as of late however.  On my way home from work yesterday the car temperature gauge said it was 42 degrees.  I was heading out for a ride, starting in daylight and ending in darkness.  Once the sun goes down the temperature usually goes with it, making dressing on days like this tricky.  I pretty much nailed it except my foot wear.  I have fallen in love with my new 45 North Wolvhammers, which I opted to wear despite the temp.  Yep, the feet got a little warm!

I struggled to find my groove down county road 8.  The bike (Salsa Beargrease) seemed to be making a noise (I hate bike noises), my iPod was bugging me, the wind was stronger than I thought, and my heart rate wasn't registering (not that I really pay attention to it but still urks me when it's blank).  I loosened the front disc brake and the noise was gone, adjusted the iPod, and switched screens on my Garmin to the map...much better!  Once I hit gravel it was awesome.  I planned on 3 and got 3.5 hours.  I wanted more.  I love ending rides with that feeling.  Save that for the next day.

With Jen and the girls off of school our schedules are a bit out of whack.  Plus my usual 12-8 shift is a half day shift today.  I have to race home to watch the girls so Jen can get to her appointment.  Shooting for a similar ride this afternoon/evening.
Still up in the air for tomorrow's Turkey Day ride.


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