Monday, November 23, 2015

Week Review.

Last Week:

Monday: 1.5 hours (mtb)
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 3.5 hours (single speed Cross Check...mostly gravel, wet)
Thursday: 7.5 hous (fat bike, gravel, wind)
Friday: 3+ hours (Cross Check, gravel)
Saturday: 4 hours (fat bike, gravel)
Sunday: 3 hours (fat bike, gravel)

Total: 22.5

Had a good week of riding.  I felt pretty good on all the rides...even on the wind blown 7 hour ride.  More importantly I didn't break mentally.  For me, the long winter races (15+ hours) are both physical and mental.  If the mental side of things break down, it makes for a long, long day.  Happy with how things are progressing.
The rides Friday through Sunday were great!  The minimum wind was a huge treat after the beat down on Thursday.  Plus 3-4 hour rides seem to fly by!

I'm taking an off day today with the rest of the week somewhat up in the air.  I've yet to start some interval training and thought about tomorrow morning in the basement, but I'm finding lots of excuses not too!  Maybe I'll shoot for December.
Depending on what happens with the potential rain/ice/snow that's predicted for Wed-Thurs I may ride down to Thanksgiving in the Northern Suburbs of the Cities.  Time will tell.  I'm also cutting this week back a bit.  Shooting for 12-15 hours.

And Monday is off and running.

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