Friday, November 06, 2015

Wind is Training.

I wanted to ride yesterday, hell...I like to ride everyday, but with rain highly likely I had a mental list of other things I could/should do.  Well per usual during the fall/winter months the rain never came and I was clear to ride.  The west wind was a solid 15 mph, leaving me to drag my feet on what to ride.  I eventually went to the road again.  I keep telling myself wind is training...wind is training.  It works sometimes but sometimes a few curse words need to be yelled too!

I'll get more wind training today too.  I have today off as I work tomorrow.  The plan is to but in some solid hours on the fat bike.  I'll head north and hopefully make it to the Soo Line trail and other gravel road in Morrison County, some of the best.

Happy Weekend.

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