Monday, December 21, 2015

A New Week.

Last week definitely didn't go as planned but it turned out just fine and I had a pretty good week too!  Not that I ever wish my kids to be sick but hanging out with Harper for a couple days was pretty dang fun.  Despite the chaos I was still able to nab some hours on the bike.

Monday: 40 minute trail run
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 4 hours fat bike
Thursday: 1 hour on the rollers
Friday: off
Saturday: 3 hours fat bike
Sunday: over 4 hours fat bike

Total: 12 hours riding, 40 minute run (jog!)

I'd really like to have this a bigger week but with Christmas and such it will be difficult.  After this week I'll start dialing it back for the upcoming Tuscobia.
Starting the week off with a 3 hour gravel fat bike ride tonight.  This mild weather is good for a few things I guess.

Happy Monday.

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