Monday, December 28, 2015

Holiday Week.

It snowed!  Not a ton, about 4", but it's a start.  Another system is moving in today.  We are on the Northern edge but are looking to double what we have...I'll take it!
I had some plans to ride while we were in Coon Rapids doing Christmas stuff, but in the end I hung out with family instead.  I did ride home yesterday getting over 3 hours in.

Monday: 3 hours, fat bike
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 6.5 hours, fat bike
Thursday: 1 hour trail run
Friday: 2 hours, fat bike
Saturday: off
Sunday: 3 hours, fat bike

14.5 hours biking, 1 hour running.
I was shooting for 20 hours but am happy with what I got.  Family time is important.

After my ride home yesterday and with the forecast for more snow I put the studded tires on the fat bike.  There are enough icy sections to make me nervous.
With 12 days till Tuscobia I will relax a bit on getting the bigger hours in.  I really hope we get this next batch of snow.  I'd love to go play on some trails!

Happy Monday.

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