Thursday, December 17, 2015

Home Day.

Well it wasn't the weather, temperature, or ice that dictated my ride today, but rather a 3 year old.  Harper is still battling a temp.  She's on the mend and most likely will go to school tomorrow, although as she lay in bed next to me this morning I could feel the heat radiating off of her.  So today will be spent building towers, coloring, reading, and chilling...sometimes it's a good thing.

Yesterday before work I headed out to the Wobegon Trail.  I thought there would be more snow then there was but it was snow and I set off a bit before 9.  I ended up riding the side of the trail in the grass to provide more worked!  By the time I got to Albany it had started to snow more and pile up on the trail. From Albany to my turn around, somewhere past Freeport, it was a blast.  Once I made my way back the snow quit and started to turn to slush on the trail.  Again I rode the grass.  By the time I made it back to the car I was absolutely soaked.  It had started to rain and the slush was getting launched every which way.  Mid December riding at it's best...ugh.  Nonetheless I got 4 hours in and had a pretty good time.  Yeah I'm a bit bummed I don't get to ride all day today but kids trump riding everyday...even I know that!

Maybe next week can be the "big" week I was hoping for this week.  But with the holidays it's not looking too promising.

Reluctantly I will hit the rollers up this afternoon while Harper naps.  Friday is looking to be our coldest day thus far so I hope to get out and remember how to dress for temps below 30!

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