Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Let Down.

Bummer...what a let down, the snow that wasn't to be.  When I left for work it was predicted we'd get 4-8".  While at work it went down to 3-7" and by the time I left it was at 2-4".  We got zip.  Even an inch would have been great to freshen up the 4" we got previously.  And so goes the weather conundrum.

I had to cover a closing shift at work so I had the morning to ride.  Another cool morning to ride in was great.  I was glad I put the studded tires on.  Once I hit gravel the ice and packed snow was everywhere.  Studded tires are a lot of money but totally worth it in my opinion.  A broken wrist, collarbone, ankle, etc. costs way more than some studded tires!
Because of the wind I went East, North, East, North and home.  Essentially Foley, Gillman, North some more, West a bit, then South to home.  Enough for 4 hours.
Because of the predicted snow I planned on today being a day off from riding and spent removing snow from home and work.  May just be an off day!

After today I am off till Sunday.  I have a Christmas yet at my folks house on Thursday.  I'm not exactly sure where yet but I'm hoping to get out on some trails Wednesday (Wobegon or Soo Line) to get some resistance in.  Maybe plan a New Year's Day Ride?  Crazy 2016!


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