Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Looking for a Cool Down.

Ok, it can start to cool off anytime least below freezing.  Last night, after dinner was made and on the table, I jumped on my fat bike and headed out for a short spin.  I thought about going to Sand Prairie but hit county road 8 first for a bit to spin the legs.  On 8 I decided to continue on to Hidden Island Park (or whatever it's called) and bop around there some.
The upper section was fine but once I descended the hill to the flats along the Mississippi the mud started to appear.  Not 50 yards in and I knew I had to turn around.  I shouldn't, but I do, freaked some on getting my bike muddy!  I love my Salsa Beargrease and baby it a tad too much.  So it was back on 8, around Long Lake and home.  Still got my 1.5 hours in.

This morning Kyia and I are headed out for a ride.  Still up in the air on which bike.  Most likely the fat bike since it's already dirty.  Then it's off to work.

Hump Day.

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