Friday, December 18, 2015

One More Day and New Races.

Being home with Harper yesterday I was reduced to riding the rollers in the basement during nap time.  This was my first time riding inside this year, so the novelty of it was fresh and an hour passed quickly.  I'm sure the next time won't be as painless!  I mimicked a hill work out, or so that is what I'm calling it.  I warmed up for 15 minutes, did hills for 30+ minutes, and cooled down for 15 minutes.  Not sure it was productive but I produced one hell of a sweat.

Before going to bed last night I felt a bit funky myself.  This caused me to bail on a 4:30 wake up to ride before work.  Turns out I'm feeling pretty good right now.  Maybe I'll sneak a ride in this afternoon/evening.  Tomorrow Jen is off at a Knowledge Bowl Meet so I'm home with the kids.  I may try to sneak a ride in sometime, especially in the colder temps of the morning.  This week is a wash and I'm already looking at next week.  After that it's just cruising time till the Tuscobia.

Harper is home again today but at my folk's house.  I'm sure she could go to school but it's not fair to the other kids and teachers.  Thank god for parents!

Being home with Harper also gave me time to look at up coming races.  The Marji Gesick 100 in Marquette, MI had opened, filled, and closed quite quickly...and the race isn't till Sept. 24th!  Well it recently reopened and I'm in!  This is going to be one long day in the saddle and I can't wait.  Ha, never happy in the current season.

Happy Weekend.

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