Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rides with Friends.

While I do like to ride by myself, more often than not, it is nice to ride with others on occasion.  Yesterday morning Kyia and I set out for a ride.  She on her Fargo and I on my Beargrease.  Essentially we did the route I've been doing a lot this fall/winter: cty road 8 to parts of the Dirt Bag and home.  I was looking for 3 hours and at my my 3 hour turn we were ahead of the game so onto the 3.5 hour turn.  It was morning so the gravel roads were still solid.  Later in the day I'm sure they were a soupy mess.
We ended with a tad over 3 hours.  Great fun...thanks Kyia.

I work a short shift today and may head out for a spin.  I race on Saturday and usually take Thursday off prior a race.  But it's a training race so not too concerned about performance, just getting in a hard effort.  It's currently raining so I'll go with the flow.

Short spin tomorrow after work and off to South Dakota.


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