Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rides with Friends.

We (John, Kyia, Noah, and myself) left my house at 6 pm last night.  We were heading for Gillman on one of my 3 hour loops.  The ride starts and ends with pavement with most gravel in the middle.  I was on my fat bike while they were on a Boone, Fargo, and Soma gravel steeds.  For the most part it was fine but a few times I was digging pretty deep to hang on.  The legs were filling it...perfect!  It's hard to get that intensity by yourself.  It was awesome getting out with these folks...thanks.

The whole ride I kept feeling like it was so late, but we finished a bit past 9, for 3 hours.  Starting and ending in dark gives that perception I guess.  They days start gaining more light now!  Only 6 more months to the longest day of the year.

Time is an issue today.  Work, Harper's Christmas show thing, and Jen has a dinner with friends so I'm hoping to sneak in a trail run between the performance and Jen's dinner.  Then the family is on break so I can get up early tomorrow and get 5-6 hours in before work at noon!


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