Thursday, December 31, 2015


Yesterday I thought about getting up early and driving up to the Soo Line trail to get some resistance riding in.  But Jen had an appointment and I felt like sleeping in!  So I waited till noon and headed out on the fat bike.  I did section of the Dirt Bag course...again.  I extended my usual 3 hour route some, looking for 4 hours.  Ended up with 5, ha!  I'm still glad I have the studded tires on.  The gravel roads are pretty sketchy.

Today I'm up sort of early to head North to the Soo Line.  I'm a bit crunched for time (Christmas at my folks) so the thought of riding around here has crossed my mind.  However it's the same wind as yesterday and I'm getting sick of that direction!  Plus riding on the Soo Line will provide me with the frustration that comes with riding in deeper, rutted out snow.  Not always fun but good to get experience in.  So North I go.

And tomorrow is a new year!

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