Friday, December 11, 2015


Well my short day turned into a longer day at the shop.  By the time I left I had to head over to school and get Avery.  The plan was to work, pack, get Avery, ride, dinner, and family pictures.  Oh well.  Ride was off the table.  I packed for the weekend (which for a 30-40 degree race is no easy feat!) and cleaned up around the house instead.

On our way to get our family pictures taken last night Harper was in what seemed meltdown mode.  I could here the countdown in my head.  But for whatever reason lift off was scrubbed and the picture session was flawless.  Well a trip to Claire's and the DQ were tossed in as bribery but whatever works!

Short day at work today as well.  Truly plan on an easy spin before heading over to pick up Charlie for our trip to Sioux Falls...we will be meeting Matt there.  I'm super stoked on this race.  Maybe more so to hang with the guys.  But the race itself is the kind of event I really like: low key, low numbers, and good people.  Should be fun.  Now if I can finish before the roads turn to mush I won't have to freak out about the fat bike getting dirty!

Happy Weekend.

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