Thursday, December 03, 2015

Snow Riding...finally!

Turns out I needed Tuesday off as well.  I had planned on riding that afternoon/evening but just didn't want to.  Of course I had the mental struggle of "should I" or "shouldn't I"!  It comes down to, I think, that I really hate riding in these Spring like conditions: wet, muddy, salty, just plain nasty.  In the end I'm glad I took the time off, I just wish it came easier for me!

Yesterday was my noon-8 day at the shop.  I dropped Avery off at school and was on my way out to the St. Joseph Wobegon Trail Head.  I really wanted to ride my fat bike but not get it covered in the salty slop on the roads.  Plus the Wobegon promised to provide some good resistance training.  Boy did it ever!  I'm guessing the 6" of snow we received was compacted to 4", less in spots, with a thin crust on top.  That crust really made the going slow.  I biked from St. Joe to Avon to Albany and then North to Holdingford.  I made it only a few miles towards Holdingford before having to turn around.  I rode 5 hours and covered 39 miles!  Now that's fat biking!  I loved it, even doing the out and back.  Guessing I'll be back out there sooner than later.
I have today off since I work Saturday.  I thought about heading back to the Wobegon or the Soo Line but time has me starting in town.  The Surly Cross Check (single speed) has recently been adorned with studded tires and fenders, so it's getting the call today!
Looks like some Dirt Bag I riding...again.


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Christopher Tassava said...

Oh, man, that sounds like so much fun. The best bit of my ride yesterday was an MMR that had untouched snow on it everywhere except the tire tracks that someone had made driving a truck down the hill. "Resistance" outside the tracks, easy riding in them...