Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Trail Running...?!

Yesterday the plan (in my head) was to eat dinner with the family and then take off for a 3 hour ride.  While I wanted to ride the North wind was doing it's best to dissuade me and I felt a bit guilty about being gone all night when I was just gone for almost three days.  Plus I knew Jen had to run some errands for Christmas things.  I shot a text message to Jen and it was on...a date of sorts!  We met at home after work and headed out for a trail run!  I haven't run in over a year.  I wanted an hour workout but we settled at 40 minutes or so.
Surprisingly I'm not all sore and tight this morning...yet.  I have to admit I am one that liked running.  I miss it, especially this time of year.  But having bad knees I don't do it much anymore.  I was hoping we'd have snow now so I could incorporate some skiing into my workouts.  I love biking but I'm doing the same motions over and over...I need to switch it up!

So in the end it was a great night and super glad I changed plans.  Tonight we have Brinna's orchestra concert and woke up around midnight to discover Harper has 102+ temp.  Go with the flow Ben...go with the flow!

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