Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Tweaker with Excuses.

I was stoked on the thought of riding Monday night in the snow down at Sand Prairie and the North Loop.  But with the delay of the snow coming my excitement waned.  By the time I left work it was misting and just starting to turn to snow.  A big mess is what I thought.  Plus the big girls gymnastics program we wanted to get them in was full so they started Monday night.  Harper usually wants to go and watch but last night she wanted to stay home with me.  So I called off riding.  Of course it had started to snow in earnest, piling up fast.  Nonetheless, we had an awesome night!  We hung Christmas lights around her bed, shoveled the drive way, made a snowman, and started on a fort.  But yet I felt this need to ride.  Ugh!  Why can't I just be happy with what I have?!!  Ha...tweaker!

Oh well, I'm over it now and looking forward.
Once again I am forgoing intervals on the rollers this morning for a longer ride this afternoon/evening.  I'm prepared for sloppy, slippery roads.  Fenders and studs are on the Cross Check.  The 4" of snow we got is predicted to be gone by the weekend.  Great, (sarcasm).


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