Monday, December 07, 2015

Week Review.

Despite having a slow start to the week I managed to put in some solid time on the bike.  Even though the weather has me in a funk at times, the mild temps do make it easier to get out and ride.

Monday: off
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 5 hours, fat bike on the Wobegon.
Thursday: 7 hours, Cross Check...mostly gravel.
Friday: 1.5 hours, fat bike at the North Loop
Saturday: 3.5 hours, Cross Check
Sunday: 3 hours, Salsa La Cruz
Total: 20 hours.

I worked Saturday but wanted to ride.  Thus I was up and on the bike shortly before 5.  The thought of having to get up early sucks but in the moment it's been ok.  I had planned on taking the fat bike but when I got to the garage the front tire was flat.  No, I'm not tubeless on my fat bike.  Training wheels are on.  Race wheels will be tubeless.  Not wanting to take the time to change the flat I grabbed the Surly Cross Check.  Turns out that was the best thing I could have done!  With the warm days and somewhat cooler nights a frost had covered much of the roads, making them damn slick.  Plus most of the gravel I was on was still pretty snow/ice covered.  Nearing home I took a corner on a asphalt street at speed.  Even with studs I started to slip out.  The studs caught and kept me upright.  Saved!

Sunday I tired to sleep in.  I made it till 6 before I was wide awake.  We had a lazy morning filled with coffee and pancakes.  We got our Christmas tree as well.  In the afternoon I took out my Salsa La Cruz.  I mostly did paved roads but just didn't feel like getting the road bike out.  Little wind, warmer temps, and a fast bike made it a great ride.

I have a race this Saturday in South Dakota, the RiddleBox 75.  I will ride this week but not as much.  I'm excited for the race to hang out with some friends and also put in some hard efforts.  Should be a good time!


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