Saturday, January 23, 2016

Arrowhead Tracking.

Today will be spent organizing and packing my gear for the Arrowhead, which starts Monday morning at 7.  I head up early Sunday morning to International Falls.  I'm more than ready to get this race started.  This whole recovery, rest, and maintenance has me feeling sloth like!  Also has our family routine a bit out of whack and the state of the house shows that!

I am bummed and a bit disappointed there isn't a required tracking system in place.  I don't see it so much as a safety tool but more as a way to grow the sport and offer a way for those not racing to follow along.  I can only imagine it would help the volunteers at the check points to know when a large group of racers would be showing up too.  But the meager cost (about $50) has tracking eliminated from this years race.  However, several of us have our own Spot tracking unit and have convinced Track Leaders to post the Arrowhead race on their page.  There actually is another company, Fastertracks, that is offering the same option.  So I am signed up on both to see how it goes.  I'm more familiar with Track Leaders.  There is only a handful of us being tracked so don't take this as the true race progress.  It will be handy for Jen, who is following me as I move up the course.  She can log on and see if I made it to a road crossing or not, etc.

The Arrowhead also updated our progress on their website but this is usually lagging a bit.
So to follow along:
1.) Arrowhead Site
2.) Track Leaders  This will show the progress of everyone with a Tracker on Track Leaders
3.) Faster Tracks  I think this may just show my progress and location

Off to clean, pack, ride the rollers, get a girl down for a nap, laundry, grocery shop, gas the van...

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