Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Getting Ready.

Ah, pre race week...not much riding going on.  Yesterday I got the bike (Salsa Beargrease) pretty much race ready.  Frame bags on, race wheels (Hed/Onyx) on, Bar Yak on, new chain, and general cleaning.  The race conditions have me second guessing my tire selection.  Potential snow tomorrow and more on race day.  Also the temps are suppose to drop during the race.  It will be a tricky one to dress for.  So far I'm sticking with my choices.

The first week back from Holiday Break (school) is always an adjustment and this week has lots going on.  I'm glad riding isn't a priority but I do hope to get a couple easy, short rides in.  One being tonight at Sand Prairie.

Off to the races...waking kids up.

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