Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Well four days of hotel living is enough for me...stoked to be back home!  Friday we headed to Eagan for a Doom Family reunion.  My dad is the oldest of 12 so there was a crew.  Sunday we left MN for Madison, WI.  I usually make this trip alone, so having the family along was a nice change.  I had a trade show to attend for the next season ski stuff.  We got home last night a bit past 10.

With the Tuscobia just a bit ago and the Arrowhead next Monday I've been pretty casual with riding.  I did get out some however.  Friday morning I was up early and out riding by 5 for a tad over an hour.  Saturday Chad and I squeezed an hour in at Lebanon Hills.  I think we both wanted more but knew it was better to get back to the hotel!  Monday in Madison I road about 1.5 hours on frontage roads.  Not the most fun but was great to spin the legs.  I don't go back to work till tomorrow but I have a whirlwind of stuff to do today.  Hoping a 3 hour ride is one of them.  Stoked to see we got a bit over an inch of new snow last night too!

AH135: T-minus 5 days!

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