Friday, January 15, 2016

Riding...A Bit.

It's been a pretty casual week of riding, but I have been getting some in.  Tuesday Kyia and I hit up Sand Prairie for about 1.5 hours.  We both were testing out the new Podiumwear Arrowhead Jacket.  It was a good night for it as my Garmin said it was -12.5 at the finish.  Thus far I'm highly impressed with the jacket.  More testing to come!
Wednesday I got 2 hours in on the trails of Plum Creek and the River Bluffs.  Yesterday I was back at Sand Prairie for another 2 hours.  It's not a big plot of land so getting 2 hours I did a lot of creative riding!  The benefit of not having tons of snow I guess.  I actually had a lot of fun so I may be back this morning.  I planned on the rollers in the basement but an hour at Sand Prairie will go by so much faster!

This weekend is a Doom gathering down in Eagan.  The plan is to hit up Lebanon Hills on Saturday...nice cold day with a high maybe of zero!  Sunday the family and I are headed to Madison, WI.  I have a trade show for winter product to attend and Jen's brother lives there as well.  I hope to sneak a ride in on Monday but not fully sure.  May need to do some internet work to see if there is any place to ride fat bikes there.
We get home late Tuesday night.  Then the real countdown to the Arrowhead is on!

Happy Weekend.

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