Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Spinning and Obsessing.

Around 6:30 last night I did get out for 1.5 hours on the fat bike.  It was my first ride on my new tires and first fat bike ride set up tubeless.  Have to say I'm pretty stoked on the setup.  Nonetheless I'm still going back and forth on tire choice.  Rice Lake, race start, is predicted to get 2-5" of snow today into Saturday.  Should I put a 5" tire on or roll with what I got?  Pretty sure I'm rolling with my current setup, but it wouldn't be a race if I didn't obsess about something!
The temperature on Sunday is a high of -1!  That's not terribly cold but this has been an odd year and I've barely had an opportunity to ride in single digits.  So appears to be a warmish start and a cold finish.  Layers and extra head wear!

I took 3 days off from riding to rest the legs and body.  While I had fun on the ride yesterday I felt sluggish and pudgy.  This is pretty typical after a rest period.  I'd like to spin on the rollers tonight but it's hell night here.  All 3 kids have obligations at different times.  Should be fun!

Hump Day.

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