Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tick Tock.

Turns out we had a sick kid stay home from school yesterday.  So after stopping at work for a bit I headed home to check on her.  Originally I thought of riding the Wobegon or Soo Line Trails but decided to stay close to home instead.  I ended up at Sand Prairie.  I still got 2.5 hours in.  Once again I had to get creative with the loops.
I'm getting pretty excited (nervous too) for the Arrowhead next Monday.  I'm feeling pretty good but also pretty blah as I've been recovering and maintaining since big rides.  Time will tell how I really feel.  Thus far the weather is looking to be alright for the race.  Low in the single digits with 20's for a high.  Ideally it wouldn't reach the 20's.  It's International Falls...I've been there with similar weather predicted but the morning of the race was below 0 and it struggled to reach the teens.  Prepare for anything.


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